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Scratches can ruin your lenses and compromise your vision. Our Stainless Premium lenses are twice as resistant to scratches, compared to Crizal Alize UV lenses.


Stainless Premium lenses give you all the benefits of Fusion 5 UV lenses, PLUS:

  • Repels dust

  • It's long-lasting scratch resistance protects both your lenses and your investment in them.

  • Like our Fusion 5 UV lenses, the Stainless Premium lenses are also smudge resistant, allowing you to see more clearly and spend less time cleaning your lenses.

Dirty or smudged lenses make it difficult to see clearly. Our Fusion 5 lenses set the standard for smudge resistance.


Fusion 5 lenses give you all the benefits of Crizal Easy UV lenses, PLUS:


  • Excellent smudge resistance and protection against both oil and water smudges, making these lenses easy to clean.

  • Fusion 5 lenses stay cleaner longer to provide you with clear vision, free of distractions.

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Glare and reflections can be tiring to your eyes. Our Aura Ultra Premium lenses provide the best protection against both.


Aura Ultra Premium lenses give you all the benefits of Stainless Premium UV lenses, PLUS:


  • See clearly at your place of work - Aura Ultra Premium lenses can prevent the headaches and eyestrain associated with computer use and fluorescent lighting.

  • Aura Ultra Premium lenses prevent glare and reflections and look nearly invisible on you.

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Anti- Reflective Coating

Anti- Reflective Coating

Anti- Reflective Coating