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There's nothing worse than having to wait and wait for your new glasses, and when you shop at One Price Optical, you won't have to. One Price Optical has a full surfacing lab on premises.


You'll always receive a fast turnaround on all of our premium services, so you can get back to your normal schedule in no time. Contact us today to schedule service or simply stop in.

When you shop at One Price Optical, you'll get access to hundreds of frames.


You can even bring in and use your own personal frames. We provide our customers with quality products and a wide range of options at affordable pricing.

Choose from hundreds of frames and lenses starting at $99

Contact us today for product availability.


Receive quick service when you shop with us

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Boutique Collection

Our adaptive lenses are well constructed and effectively adjust to your environment's lighting.

We carry a wide selection. They cost a little more, but they are worth the money.


•   Transitions Adaptive Lenses - Clear lenses that darken in outdoor sunlight, quickly fade back

    to clear indoors.

•   Transitions XTRActive Adaptive Lenses - Virtually clear lenses that offer superior darkness

    into sunlight, moderate activation behind the windshield.

•   Transitions Vantage Adaptive Lenses - Virtually clear lenses that offer variable polarization

    in sunlight.

•   Transitions Drivewear - Polarized sunwear lenses that darken and change color in direct

    sunlight and behind the windshield.

•   NuPolar - Polarized sunwear lenses that offer fixed, maximum polarization.

Get well crafted adaptive lenses

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